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Villa on Cyprus,
1 floor, 135 m 2
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(description) This spacious villa is located in luxury area in Limassol, Cyprus.
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First floor is occupied with common area where living and dining room, kitchen, home study and guest bathroom take place.

Among clients request to their future interior were to use neutral cold palette to cool down from the heat and use natural materials.

In the living room we organized a fireplace and spacious rest area. To decorate the fireplace, we use travertine which links the whole interior concept throughout all rooms. 3d wall panels from krion are used to finish one of the walls in living room.

Soft geometric pattern creates an interesting décor on the walls. The height of the ceiling is quite high so we dared to use wooden rails to decorate it. Due to hot climate, we gave privilege to bleached wood. Soft furniture is represented by “Molteni”, “Baxter” and “Flexform” brands.

Dining area is represented by “Molteni” dining table and chairs for 10 persons for cozy and long family dinners. The kitchen is made by “Ernestomeda” brand which combines high technologies together with keen esthetics.

In the rest area, we used the sofa from “Molteni” together with “Poltrona frau” coffee tables. For lighting design, we chose Delta light brand.The study interior is stylistically linked with living room interior design with krion 3d wall panels.