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Minimalism with mustard accents, 115m 2
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(description) This four rooms apartment is situated on the most exclusive part of Petrodgadskiy island in Saint-Petersburg close to small Neva river.

Among clients’ requests was mainly anticipation to the contrast colors and textures. It turned out to be the key idea of creating balanced minimalistic interior based on contrast of monochrome shades with warm oak wood and juicy mustard accents.

The initial space planning was changed by our designers entirely and as a result we got spacious living-kitchen area, two bathrooms, nursery and masters bedroom block with walk-in closet and an extra bathroom.

The interior is full of custom made elements based on our sketches such as wall and ceiling panels and cabinet furniture. The main accent in the living room interior is decorative construction with integrated fireplace. The construction is finished with stylish ceramic tiles by “Laminam”.

The dining area is allocated by famous “Match” pendant by “VIbia”. For the rest area we chose sofa and arm chair by “Flexform”. “Leicht” brand kitchen is made in combination of ceramic and Fenix facades.

Bedroom interior is remarkable by its milled wooden panels which matches with ribbed glass on the walk in closet sliding doors.

For the kids’ room we gave our preference to eco materials such as wooden rails. Lively terracotta is making a bright accent in the brutal little man’s interior. Bathroom interiors are made in the grey shades with a graphic black fittings accents.