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Minimalism interior with concrete accents,130m 2
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(description) This three-roomed apartment interior is made in minimalism style.

The main clients' request for us was to create a timeless and practical interior that they will be never get tired from.

As a result our team created a dynamic and up-to-date interior with a masculine character. Interior design is based on a deemed and calm color palette based on grey shades with a warm accents of walnut and blue.

The initial planning was changed a lot in order to create a space which entails all the clients' requests. Architectural features of the space we managed to turn into design accents plenty of gorgeous chilly textures like ceramic tiles, concrete and slate are balanced with warm and cozy wooden details and natural textile.

Asymmetric composition links all the rooms. Custom made ceiling and wall panelling defines the space in the living room. Black stone and decorative plaster accents create an interesting geometry in the common area interior. Master bedroom is decorated with 3d walnut wooden panelling.