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Gorgeous minimalism with wooden accents, Saint-Petersburg,
191 м2
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(description) The main request from the clients was to create a spacious and functional space with many storage systems and discrete atmosphere. Minimalism style philosophy with its plane forms and constructive solutions immediately was chosen.

A neutral grey palette dominates the interior. Concrete and granite textures create a calm and meditative feeling.

A lot of custom made details were created for this project: decorative glass construction in the master bedroom, decorative wooden wall panels in the living and hall entrance area and decorative plaster with concrete texture.

It is worth to pay an extra attention to the brands used for interior design of this flat. Kitchen is represented by “Modulnova” brand, with its extremely practical island and coplanar doors. Big modular “Flexform” sofa takes a center place of the living room interior composition. Dining area is represented by “B&B Italia” brand. The bed and lounge chair in the living room are made by “Arketipo”.

There are numerous of lighting scenarios in this project based on technical track systems, integrated spots and suspension architectural light.